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  /  Innovations in Climate Finance: the positive pricing of avoided carbon

Innovations in Climate Finance: the positive pricing of avoided carbon

The Paragraph 108 of the Paris Decision, the preamble of Paris Agreement, recognizes “the social, economic and environmental value of mitigations actions (…)” in establishing that mitigation actions that have an economic value, instituted a positive pricing principle that can coexists with the currently considered pricing of carbon itself.

The latter is the “stick” and is used for carbon taxation, carbon markets and establishing of “shadow prices” by companies. The former is the “carrot”: it establishes payment for mitigation action, it rewards the minus-carbon. This mechanism already is in play, with other names, for example, when the Norwegian government payed Brazil for the reductions of deforestation in the Amazon.

One way for implementing this positive carbon price would be Climate Club of willing governments and/or financial institutions granting guarantees calibrated on a value per ton of avoided carbon emissions and backing on AAA rating condition. This would open the access to private capital and low rate banking loans and help support the emergence of the mitigation projects needed to achieve more ambitious goals than the sum of current NDCs.

What are the implications for the banking system? How can mitigation actions’ intrinsic value be ultimately recognized by the central banks and rating agencies? Can the ‘minus carbon’ become the “new gold”? Can it actually become kind of currency for interbank payments ? A cryptocurrency?

You are invited to brainstorming on his fascinating but complicated perspective on December the 4th, from 9,30am to 10,30am, at the Blue Zone, Hall 8, at the Brazil Climate Action Hub, very close to one of the fast food areas of the pavilion. Panelists from the 108 Initiative: Alfredo Sirkis, Jean Charles Hourcade, Emilio La Rovere, Helen de Connicn. A highly participative debate. Translation will be available.


9h30 – 10h30

Economia; Governança e transparência

Brazil Climate Action Hub – COP25 (Blue Zone)




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