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  /  America´s Pledge and Subnational Action: The new faces of climate leadership

America´s Pledge and Subnational Action: The new faces of climate leadership

Scope: Since the Paris Agreement entered into force in 2016 and with the USA withdrawal led by President Trump, the world has been testifying the emergence of a new wave of climate leaders. The “We are Still In” movement in the USA for example has been growing ever since under the leadership of subnational governments, business and civil society groups, leading implementation and showing political will to raise ambition domestically and internationally. Many of these actors have decided to join forces in an initiative called American Pledge that among other things support the actions of these actors and measure their concrete impact in relation to emissions. 

Whereas the Brazilian situation is substantively different, as they have not left the Paris Agreement, the profile of climate action on the ground by non-state actors is also growing substantially and becoming more impactful. This meeting aims to understand the similarities, differences and lessons learned from these different dynamics and to discuss the ways to strengthen such movements in Brazil.

Dynamics: Quick presentation followed by informal and informative conversation with Brazilian counterparts. The goal is to have an informal exchange meeting format.


  1. To better understand how the US “American Pledge” experience works (players, types of initiatives, network operation, etc) and the lessons learned
  2. To allow some critical analysis of what can be emulated and what are the political/economic/institutional challenges to create similar initiative in Brazil


12h45 às 14h

Governança e Transparência

Brazil Climate Action Hub – COP25 (Blue Zone)



  • Instituto Clime e Sociedade


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